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Whitley Project
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Whitley Throttle from a recovery.The Whitley Project was set up in autumn 2000 to rebuild an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley for museum display. The Armstrong Whitworth Whitley was a very important aircraft and it is a great shame there are no survivors. We have a large number ofStarboard wing from EB384 arrives at it's new home. drawings and original parts and in order to keep the rebuilt aircraft as original as possible, we are actively involved in salvaging parts from aircraft lost in the war. 

Current work centres around the construction of a plywood mockup of a Whitley fuselage to check the profiles of the formers.

Recovery team crew responsible for the recovery of Whitley EB384 parts from Glen Esk. Starboard Wing EB384. Recovery of port wing EB384 port outer - loading onto trailer. Port outer of Whitley EB384.

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