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RAF Coastal Command Bibliography
As the years progress we receive an increasing amount of requests from individuals concerning either family or friends "Service History" requests.  As an Association we do not have copies of these records.
However, we hope to produce a list of suitable books about RAF Coastal Command here. This is by no means a definitive list but might point an interested researcher or reader in the right direction.  We do not intend publishing a critique, but if a book is worth of a "Thumbs up" it will get one. This does not mean it is better than any other books on the subject only that it was a "good read" or is a good source of information.
 The Cinderella Service

ISBN  1844153460,Author Andrew W.A. Hendrie, BA, ARHistS, ARAes, PhD.
Hardback Size     246 X 172

The Cinderella Service by Andrew Hendrie. This book reveals the vital contribution that RAF Coastal Command made to the Allies war effort. Although often referred to as the 'Cinderella Service' because by its nature, it did not gain the recognition it deserved and was overshadowed by Fighter and Bomber Commands and considering that it was not given priority in terms of aircraft and equipment, its wartime record was second to none. The two main roles of Coastal Command were anti-submarine work in the Atlantic and anti-shipping operations against enemy warships and merchant vessels. This work looks at every aspect of the command's work, equipment and aircraft and draws upon many first-hand accounts. Lengthy and comprehensive appendices cover Orders of Battle, Commanders, U boats sunk, ships sunk aircraft losses and casualties.
Flying Cats
The Catalina Aircraft in World War II
Andrew Hendrie
ISBN 1853107336
Flying Cats, The Catalina Aircraft in World War II, Andrew Hendrie. "In this book Andrew Hendrie tells the whole amazing story of the "Flying Cats", of their exploits and achievements, of heroism of many of their crews and the problems they had to endure. With numerous photographs as well as appendices listing technical data and individual aircraft histories, this is the definitive history of the Catalina and its operations worldwide."

NOW back in print

Short Sunderland in World War II
Andrew Hendrie
ISBN 1840370378
Short Sunderland in World War II Andrew Hendrie. "In 1933 the Air Ministry gave a specification for a general pourpose four engined flying-boat that was able to operate from outposts of the Empire. The result was the Short Brother's Sunderland.

Andrew examined all aspects of the Sunderland's career with Coastal Command, RAF. His work includes reference to the Canadian, Australian and Norwegian Squadrons' operations in Coastal as well as the work of the South Africans and New Zealanders. Also included are details of post war operations such as the Berlin Airlift and there are detailed appendices listing aircraft with brief histories and all known successful attacks on enemy submarines.

Andrew flew a tour on Hudsons with Coastal and a second tour on Wellingtons but even managed seventy Sunderland flights on a variety of training/engineering sorties.

Andrew was a member of the Association but passed away, 1st April 2004 after a short illness.  Sadly Missed.

RAF Coastal Command,
1936-1969, Chris Ashworth, ISBN, 1852603453
Royal Air Force Coastal Command Losses of the Second World War.
Volume 1, Aircraft and Crew Losses 1939-1941, Ross McNeill. ISBN 1857801288
Coastal, Support and Special Squadrons of the RAF
 and their aircraft.
 John D R Rawlings. ISBN 0710601875.
The Strike Wings
Special Anti-Shipping Squadrons 1942-1945
Roy Conyers Nesbit. ISBN 0117726877
The Armed Rovers
Beauforts and Beaufighters over the Mediterranean
Roy Conyers Nesbit. ISBN 1853105171
The Battle of The Atlantic
Roy Conyers Nesbit. ISBN 075092912X
(A book of pictures and photographs of paintings)
A Separate Little War
The Banff Coastal Command Strike Wing Versus the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe
Andrew D Bird. ISBN 1904010431
Dark Sky, Deep Water
First Hand Reflections on the Anti-U-Boat War in WWII
Norman Franks, ISBN 1898697574
The Sunderland, Flying-Boat Queen, Volume III.

The Sunderland, Flying-Boat Queen, Volume III
By John Evans. A4 portrait softback, 74 pages, 180+ photos (9 in colour)
ISBN 1870745 13 2


The Sunderland, Flying-Boat Queen, Volume II

The Sunderland, Flying-Boat Queen, Volume II
By John Evans A4 portrait softback, 70 pages, 160+ photos (8 in colour). 
ISBN 1870745035

The Sunderland, Flying-Boat Queen, Volume I

The Sunderland, Flying-Boat Queen, Volume I
By John Evans. A4 portrait softback, 56 pages, 140+ photos (14 in colour), ISBN 1870745000


Sopwiths to Sunderlands, 210 Sqn

Sopwiths to Sunderlands
The Story of No 210 Squadron RAF, 1917-1941
By John Evans. A4 portrait softback, 80 pages, 140+ photos
ISBN 1870745094


To The Ends Of The Earth

To The Ends Of The Earth:
210 Squadron's Catalina Years, 1941-1945
By Mike Seymour and Bill Balderson. By Mike Seymour and Bill Balderson.
A4 portrait softback,
104 pages, 200+ photo's, ISBN 1870745086

Flying-Boat Haven

Flying-Boat Haven
By John Evans. A4 landscape, softback, 36 pages, 68 photos,
ISBN: 1870745043


Singleton's War
By Gordon SingletonA5 portrait, softback, 64 pages, 28 illustrations. Autobiography of Australian pilot Gordon Singleton, 461 Squadron RAAF


Electronic Airborne Goldfish.

Electronic Airborne Goldfish
By Air Commodore John Clements. A5 portrait softback, 124 pages, 50+ photos & diagrams, extensive text. Traces the life and work of Air Commodore A J B Clements, C Eng FIEE Dip El FIMgt, from humble aircraft apprentice, to wireless operator mechanic, war/post-war air radar flight testing, RRE Malvern, and finally as Air Officer Signals, RAF Flying Training Command.  Printed May 2001. 
ISBN 1870745116


Sun On My Wings
By Wing Commander Dundas Bednall (includes No.230 Squadron, Sunderlands)
ISBN 1870745019

Help From The Heavens (History of 228 Squadron)
By John Evans (ISBN 187074506X)(out of Print?)

A Forgotten Offensive
Royal Air Force Coastal Command's Anti-Shipping Campaign, 1940-1945
Christina J M Goulter, ISBN 0714641472
Birds and Fishes
The Story of Coastal Command
Air Chief marshal Joubert de la Ferté, KCB, CMG, DSO
A Penguin in the Eyrie
An RAF Diary, 1939-1945
Hector Bolitho.
Man is Not Lost
The Log of a Pioneer RAF Pilot/Navigator, 1933-1946
Group Captain 'Dickie' Richardson
(Author of AP1234 [1941] and who became Chief Navigation Officer, HQCC.
(Essential reading for any "Nav" or "AEO" Captain as it was 'Dickie'  that broke the hold of the "Two Winged Master Race" [aka Pilots])
The U-Boat War in the Atlantic 1939-1945
Fregattenkapitän Gunter Hessler, and MOD (Navy) 
ISBN 0117726036
U-Boat Operations of the Second World War
Vol 1 Career Histories, U1 - U510
Kenneth Wynn, ISBN184067525x
U-Boat Operations of the Second World War
Vol 1 Career Histories, U511- UIT25
Kenneth Wynn, ISBN1840675268
Business in Great waters
The U-Boat Wars 1916-1945
John Terraine
ISBN 0850527600
Coastal Command 1939-45
Photographs from the Imperial War Museum
Ian Carter
ISBN 0711030189
The Short Sunderland
Chaz Bowyer
ISBN 0946627347
Sunderland At War
Chaz Bowyer
ISBN 0711006652110/74
Coastal Command at War
Chaz Bowyer
ISBN 0711009805
Sunderland Squadrons of World War 2
Jon Lake
ISBN 1841760242
The Ship-Busters
The Story of the RAF Torpedo Bombers
Ralph Barker (Flt Lt, former WOp/AG)
No Place To Land
A Pilot in Coastal Command.
 Josef F Jaworzyn
ISBN 0718305108
The U-Boat Hunters
Anthony J Watts
(My copy came from the North Yorkshire County Libraries - Withdrawn section, via Tony Rodgers)
(olds stuff but a good buy at 50 pence)
The Hebrides at War
Mike Hughes
ISBN 08624177166
(Not as the title implies all about RAF Coastal Command)
The Flying Boats of Bermuda
Colin A Pomeroy (CCMAA Member)
ISBN 0969833245
(Not all Coastal Command, but good sections on the RAF and USN in Bermuda and the Islands contribution to the War effort as a staging post for Flying Boat Operations and Flying Boat Ferrying to and from the UK
Avro's Maritime Heavyweight
The Shackleton
Chris Ashworth
ISBN 0946627169
The Avro Shackleton
The First Forty Years
Harry Holmes
RAF Squadrons
Wg Cdr C g Jefford MBE RAF
ISBN 1853100536
To Numerous to list here are all the individual books by Air-Britain
Not only the Serial Number Series but the individual "Aircraft Files" too.
(Webmaster: These were all within arms reach, when I check the rest of my library I will add more.)

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