Coastal Command and Maritime Air Asociation.
Contact Information
Ian Chisholm
Apartment 52, William House, The Moors, Thatcham, Berkshire RG19 4AU.
Tel: 01635 953255
Secretary E@mail Address..


John L C Cairns

'El Chairmans' E@mail Address.


Membership Secretary

Hector Hillman

Membership Secretary E@mail Address.

Publicity Member  Functions Member

Peter Hill

Bob Hall

Publicity Member E@mail Address. Functions Member E@mail Address.


Hector Hillman

Treasurers E@mail Address.

Newsletter Editor

Ian Coleman

Articles for potential entry to the Newsletter "Constant Endeavour" can be sent to this address:
Newsletter E@mail Address.

If you have any photographs or anecdotal information you would like to see on the association website please contact : 
webmaster's Address.

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