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Shackleton MK II WR963 Update

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This update comes from Richard Woods, Shackleton Preservation Trust.

I am currently heading up the aircraft team working on Shackleton WR963 at Coventry Airport under the watchful eye of our Chairman, John Cubberley. Following on from his report to you, (published on your website) I would like to give you a small update.

WR963’s camshaft work, including the fitment of pre-oiling pumps, has now been completed. This allowed us to run both Starboard engines at the beginning of February. The Port side will join in before long, but currently requires a propeller building for the new No 2 engine, and investigation into a water leak into the fuel tanks on that side.

With regards to the repaint of the aircraft, we took the decision to change from the grey with white topsides, to an overall white with medium sea grey top. The reasons for this were that there is no Shackleton in preservation in the white scheme anywhere in the world; and that it is a stand-out scheme that is easily recognisable as being Coastal Command. The responses we have received as the aircraft took on her new colours have been staggering, and our crew is justifiably very proud of this, and proud to be associated with Coastal Command.

Her official roll out will be later this month; she will be carrying 224 Sqn markings, which are her own from delivery in 1954. I have enclosed a couple of photographs of WR963, for you to use as you wish, prior to any national or unit markings being applied… once the roll out has passed I will forward some more photo’s of the finished article.

Shackleton MK II WR963.
Shackleton MK II WR963.
Shackleton MK II WR963 at Coventry.
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