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Sponsor A Badge

If you would like to sponsor any badge, simply send a letter detailing the badge requested, the name of the sponsor or sponsoring unit, the name and address of a contact, if this is different from that of the sponsor and a cheque for 125 [UK Pounds] made payable to The RAF Heraldry Trust. [Overseas sponsors will be given further instructions]  (With Effect 1 Feb 2014)

The last entry on the painting will detail the name of the sponsor and the dedication, if requested. All named Service or ex-Service personnel are entitled to use their rank and decorations, if awarded. It is not essential to have a dedication agreed at the time your letter is sent. and many people wish to secure the sponsorship of a particular badge but to consider the dedication and its wording over a period of time. The wording would generally read:

Sponsored by or Commissioned by.... followed by in memory of or and dedicated to

Up to approximately twenty words can be used after the sponsor's name, although this may vary according to the amount of text in the badge details and in some cases we have been able to include more words. What I would ask is that you say what you wish to say and we can discuss the length if space is a problem. However, it is not necessary to include a dedication if you do not wish to do so. If you have any questions. I would be happy to discuss them. You can contact me at the address listed.

Finally. a number of sponsors have asked if it would be possible to have a personal copy of the badge, painted to exactly the same specification as that of the Trust reference collection. This cannot be arranged through the Trust, but I would be happy to forward any enquiry to the artist.

Yours sincerely

Charles M Ross,

Chairman of the Trustees

The RAF Heraldry Trust,
Chestnut Farm House,
Ludford Road,
Market Rasen,
Lincs, LN8 6DR.

Tel 01472 398705


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