Coastal Command and Maritime Air Asociation.
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The Newsletter of the Coastal Command and Maritime Air Association.

Autumn 2005 Contents.

WW II 60th Anniversary Commemoration, London 10th July 2005
More Majunga Memories
Remember the good old S Mawgan International Air Day?
The Light Dawns
The Old Order Changeth
A Night at the "Queens", Silloth
F/O Kenneth Campbell VC
The Search and Rescue Hymn...
The Coastal Command Memorial Window
Shackleton Miscellany
The Rock and The RAF
US Defense Department and the Diesel Subs
Mad Dogs and Memorabilia
Gotto's War
History and Literature
Presentation to the RAF Club
What happened to john Eshelby?
The St Eval Memorial
Wreath laying in the Camel Estuary
The Last Flight of the Lerwick
The Fincastle Competition 1973
RAF St Eva Coastal Command Association
Fun and Games 60's Style!
Stavanger Sola 1945
A Coastal "Marie Celeste", Mystery or Myth?
The French Connection
RAF Bircham Newton Memorial Project

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